Real-time Google Sheet Integration

Real-time Google Sheet Integration

Finally, a long-awaited Google Sheet integration came to Automatio πŸŽ‰. It gives you ability to have your scraped data synced in real-time with Google Sheets in just a couple of clicks.

Google Sheets is the most integrated platform because of two reasons. It's free and it's from Google. Once you have your data there, you can connect with hundreds or thousands of other apps and platforms which are already integrated with.

This native integration is really important for Automatio because now you can use your scraped data outside of Automatio really easily. Before you could download CSV file or use API, which did the work and it's more developer-oriented. But now easier then ever, you can export your data and sync in real-time with a Google Sheets in a couple of seconds.

Just imagine having your scraped data synced with Google Sheet and then use Zapier. Sheets are the most used app in Zapier, and then from there, you can connect data to almost anywhere. Mind-blowing indeed 🧠πŸ’₯.

Stay tuned for future blog updates and videos where we gonna share how you can utilize this integration and create some real workflows and apps.

Here is the video showcasing the integration in action.